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Eye Care

Eye Examination

We endeavour to provide a comprehensive eye examination geared to your individual needs and not the minimum standard required by law set out in the late 1950's. Your (adult) eye examination will take in the region of 40 minutes.

Eye drops to facilitate an adequate view of the 'back' of the eyes are more than likely to be used so please do not drive to the examination.



Costs in optical practices have been skewed ever since the introduction of the NHS during the 1940's.

We are trying to implement a more transparent approach to paying for eye care.

Although still under priced at our charge of £40.00 for a private examination £15.00 will be taken off your glasses purchases. This is to show you that we can reduce the cost of your eye wear and not fully cross subsidise by offering a 'free eye examination' and loading the difference on to your and other people's glasses purchases.