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Special Interest

In April 2010 I became the first Optometrist in Wales to graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University dedicated Therapeutics Course.

The benefit to you the patient is that I can offer to treat ocular conditions with drugs only previously available through a Specialist hospital, eye clinic or casualty eye clinic.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer 'red eye', 'burny' or 'gritty' eye or symptoms of allergic eye conditions 'itchy eye' then I maybe able to help treat and alleviate symptoms. Patients suffering recurrent iritis, herpes simplex of the eye or marginal keratitis can also be treated at the practice.

Local practitioners wanting to have their patient treated at our practice are invited to refer patients to me without fear of patient not being returned to them for their routine eye care. Being one of only five accredited Practitioners in Wales having prescribing rights I really hope that this service will be of benefit to the people of Maesteg and the surrounding areas.